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Accessories That Don't Go Out Of Style

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The following accessories are classics staples that will enhance your wardrobe. Your investment in these pieces will last longer instead of spending money on trends that only last from one season to another.


1.  Pop Of Color Handbag

Try a bold color such as red for a handbag. It's fun and the exciting color will make your outfit stand out. Buy a good leather bag that will last from year to year.

2.  Classic Handbag

The traditional standby of course is the little black bag. Buy a good structured bag preferably made of leather.  A small black cross body handbag made of lambskin is a fine choice that will surely be a common go to bag with a touch of elegance.

3.  Hair Scarf

Not only can you tie this scarf on your favorite handbag, but also use this scarf to tie your hair back when the weather is warm.  It can look so chic and plus keeps your hair out of your face.

4.  Oxfords and Loafers

These shoes are very comfortable and also very stylish. I like to wear these to make my outfit look a little more polished. Remember purchase good leather shoes and take proper care of them and they will last surprisingly a long time.

5.  Trench Coat

This coat will always be a classic and everyone should have this type of coat in their closet.  Easily adding style and flair, this coat is also very tailored and lightweight.

6.  Pumps

Nude and black leather pumps are shoes that give you an elegant look.  They elongate the leg and easily take you from office to dinner. 

7. Leather Belt

 A black leather belt can be worn with jeans or dress pants.  It can take your outfit from casual to a very polished sexy look.

8.  Sunglasses

Sunglasses add instant cool to any outfit. You don't need to invest in an expensive pair. Remember to experiment with different styles. I personally love aviators and think they look great on everyone.

9.  Leather Gloves

Black gloves are great to wear with a classic coat, structured jacket and tweed blazers. These stunning gloves will definitely add style and class to your outfit.

10.  Pearl & Diamond Jewelry

Pearls simply look glamorous in all types of jewelry. They bring elegance to your style. Same goes with diamonds. They speak for themselves and make a statement. Good investment to add some luxury to your wardrobe.

11.  Leather Jacket

Technically a leather jacket is an article of clothing but I think it is essential and completely changes the whole look of an outfit. It's such a versatile statement piece that will look cool anytime you wear it. In fact, you can wear it casually with a floral maxi dress to toughen it up a bit or you can make it look super edgy with an all black outfit. You can also make it look sporty, edgy, and casual.

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