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How To Do A Social Detox

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Sounds crazy right? Well it's not as scary as you think.

It's important for our health to find a balance between using social media and the internet.

When I first heard of a social detox, I thought it was going to be impossible. I'm constantly on my phone checking my email, YouTube, Facebook, paying bills and etc... You can basically do everything and anything on the internet these days.

Slowly but surely, I started to notice I became more dependent on my phone for constant entertainment and stimulation. Small habits started to form where I was eating my food and looking at my phone at the same time.

The worst tendency I'm most guilty of is definitely watching television and then also watching a video on my phone simultaneously. Remember these behaviors and habits aren't detrimental to your health and you're not a bad person for doing them but I do think there is a limit to to how much time we devote with social media and the internet.

You're on the cusp of discovering and unlocking the many mysteries of the world, all at your fingertips, and you watch cat videos like me (haha).

Remember not to punish yourself, it's completely normal to feel addicted to your phone. I think most people can say they are too. It makes total sense why because you have this little device that gives you unlimited access to all the knowledge in the world from the beginning of mankind.

So if this sounds like you and you want to use social media a little less, here are some healthy ways and benefits on how to reset your habits to be a more calmer and happier you!

1. Limit use before bed

Not only is this great for your eyes but it will help you relax and fall asleep easier. If you happen to stumble upon something that might stress you on Facebook like an old boyfriend or girlfriend, it can make it tough for you to sleep.

2. Read more

Not only is this super relaxing but reading stimulates your critical thinking skills and helps you retain information easier. Plus, you can always learn something as well! If you just eliminate the internet for a hour and replace it with a book, I guarantee you'll feel so much better! The more you read, the more you'll want to read!

3. Pick a designated time

It's healthy that everyone has a time where you just have some "me" time and relax. I think the same thing can be said for social media. Being available all the time can be annoying and you shouldn't feel sorry if you can't respond right away. You have things in your schedule and shouldn't have to check your phone every 10 minutes. I know some people love their phone and I'm one of them. That's totally fine. However, if you feel you've become more dependent on it or checking it too often, you might want to think of how much interaction you have with your phone.

4. Keep a list

It's hard to realize how much time we spend watching TV or checking social media until we write down how much time we actually devote to these activities. Even if you jot down your habits down for a week, you can keep track of them and increase your productivity. Just do small steps!

5. Go outside

The great outdoors is such a great way to eliminate stress. Or hit up the gym. Mix up your routine and try not to sit for too many hours. Every once in a while, it's fabulous to have a fun lazy pajama day and just watch movies. If you have a desk job, it's really important to fit anything physical into your schedule even if it's 30 minutes a day.

6. Delete your least used account

It's really hard to keep up with social media since there are so many new platforms and apps coming out all the time. So if you're feeling overwhelmed, eliminate just one account. This will take off of some of the pressure and stress in trying to keep up with all of your social media accounts.

Remember baby steps. Now go out and have fun!

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