Moments We All Experience When Shopping

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Shopping is one of the most relaxing experiences even if you don't buy anything. Simply just looking helps clear your mind, look for inspiration and serve as an excuse to grab a coffee.

Let's Begin!

You're going shopping today! WOOHOO Let's go have some me time. And did someone say sale??? SALE?!?!?!?! Even if it's like 3% off...a sale is a sale people!

This is very important! We need to get the essential drink of the gods that make this experience that much better! I may not be able to afford that dumb $80 white cotton t-shirt but I can buy myself this wonderful drink.

Now we begin exploring! Alright we're pumped up and everything looks so pretty!!! So many things to look at!

And then we notice something shiny in the god could it be the one?

It's the ultimate party dress you've been looking for. Classy and sexy at the same time. I'm trying this on right now. I don't care what the price is...I'm buying it.

IT FITS!!!!!!! Omg yes! Okay we're like 95% there. We just need to pay for it.

You flip the price tag over....umm this can't be right. I thought they had an 40% off sale today.

Wait, the sale ended yesterday....this can't be happening.

Here comes the inevitable put the item back on the rack moment. NOOOOO!!!!!! It looks like the dress is gonna be too expensive. You start crying.

Dang it so close. Maybe next time.

I'm gonna check a couple more stores and then I'm going home.

Then everything starts looking the same. This is all the same crap at the other stores. And why am I looking at the black tops again when I own 63 of them? Let's be honest I'll probably buy another one though.

Dang it, I'm gonna find something today. I will find something on sale if it takes me all day. ALL DAY.

Then you realize there's another store you forgot about!

T.J Maxx! Now we're talking. We got the deals baby. This is usually when I walk out with a $3 dollar enamel pin. Mission accomplished.

When you get home the first thing you wanna do is try on your new item and take a ba-jillion selfies and pretend on you're on America's Next Top Model. YASSS.

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