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Lisa Frank Just Had Their 40th Anniversary.

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

For those of you who are not familiar with what Lisa frank is....please feel free to take this time now to use Google images. Take your time. Soak up the amazing-ness you're about to witness.

This brand was not simply just a fun little girl's fun backpack or pretty, it was a much more than that. It was the birth of a revolutionary era of creativity and bright neon colors!!

It is with great honor that I too was obsessed with Lisa Frank and she was of the greatest inspirations for me to starting drawing and love of all things fantasy related.

Even my wardrobe consisted of hot pink and pretty much the whole rainbow. Heck I convinced my mom to let me do a complete transformation makeover on my room and I'm not gonna was pretty awesome.

Lisa frank has enter the hearts of young girls across the world with her lovable characters, rainbows and imagination sparking creativity within each of us.

So now that I'm an much older adult which I secretly don't feel like or act like, this brand is still very dear to my heart and sure to many others. I guess I just wanted to take the time to write a nice post about how much this brand given me the love for the arts and having fun.

I hope young girls today still get a chance to experience the whimsy and magical world of Lisa Frank. If you have a little sister, cousin, or anyone definitely show them!

Fun fact, I still buy Lisa frank folders to this day. Because life is too short and I like them.

So I wanted to bring some nostalgia back for fans and as well newcomers on one of the coolest brands for girls ever.

Here are some of the best things about Lisa Frank!

1.The amazing hypnotizing rainbow colors!

2. The endless array of accessories to send your friend the perfect letter or keep all of your papers organized!


4. Mila Kunis was in a Lisa Frank Commercial. How awesome is that?

5. Everything was so happy and upbeat! You just feel so good when you had your Lisa Frank right by your side.

6. The Fan Club! This feel like one of the most important and honorable things I've ever been committed to.

7. The Stuffed Animals! Now your favorite characters are brought to life!

8. Fashion Line! I wanted those super cool tie-dyed shirts so bad with a checker denim skirt. If Lisa said it was cool, it was cool.

9. DIY Crafts! oh the glorious crafts! Even if was just a couple of strings and i was just making a bracelet it felt so epic and special.

10. Lisa Frank Magazine. This was like the holy grail. Probably one of my all time favorite items!

If you guys would love to see a modern take on Lisa Frank outfits or anything Lisa Frank related let me know in the comments!

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