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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

If my pain and awkwardness can help the next person, I'm down for it. During all of these weird situations, I would write down in my phone all the awkwardness I was going through and thought to myself "Might as well have a good laugh"


Tip #43 Always bring headphones.

Always. You never know when you’re on your lunch break and there is 12 people crammed in a space of 6 available seats and then the nice sweet old lady who won’t stop coughing is right next you. The only really reason why you even go to the break room is for the free WiFi but who am I kidding, eating lunch your car sounds much more peaceful.

Tip #2 Buy a onesie.

Seriously. If you get super cold like me but still want to be productive, buy a onesie. I'm dead serious. Sometimes a hoodie doesn't cut it. So if you add a onesie to the mix then you essentially have a wearable blanket on you. I hate when you’re on the couch all cozy and comfortable but the moment you lift the blanket off you're cold. No no no. Be warm cozy and comfortable all the times! Then the thought of having to do the dishes or clean your room will be more of an enjoyable experience.

Tip #57 Always have a good excuse on hand.

You never know when you’ll need it. For instance, your friends want to go out again to the bars even though you just went.

Tip #10 Be cautious if you bring a car to college.

If you have a car in college, be choosy on who you tell because you will be the taxi cab of everyone. Even people you don't know will find out and that's not cool because gas isn't cheap and neither is your time. Now if you enjoy doing it, no problem. I had a great handful of friends who I didn't mind because they knew it was a privilege not a right because I'm their friend. And only asked sparely and would give me gas money. It was nice to feel respected so I treated them a lot because I knew they weren't taking advantage of me.

Tip #1 Bring extra socks.

Keep an extra pair in your car and bookbag. If you have a big enough purse throw em in there too. Because if you step in a puddle or are wearing tennis shoes in the winter time and underestimated the snow getting into your shoes, you’ll be glad to know you can change out of cold wet socks. Or maybe a friend needs a pair who knows?

Tip #7 Always eat a good snack before going anywhere!

I can't tell you how many times where I've showed up to a place when that were supposed to be food or go get food that got delayed lot by a few hours. This happens a lot especially at a friend's house or before pre-gaming. Always eat a lot before pre-gaming because there have been times where my friends and I were supposed to pick a place to eat which gets pushed back. This really sucks because now you're starving and nauseous capeesh?

Tip #58 Download a fun game on your phone that doesn't require wifi.

For all my fellow third wheelers out there, you’re not alone. I repeat you’re not ALONE! This one always sucks because you feel so freakin awkward and it’s a complete waste of time on your part because you’re not having fun. I recommend if your don’t have WiFi available on your phone, make sure to download some game that doesn’t require internet. Or jolt down on your phone what your experiencing and write in the comments below.

P.S have a funny expression on your face while you’re doing it because one it will put you in a better mood and two it will make the other two people curious what they’re missing out on, now the tables have turned! Hah.

Tip #19 Buy an extra phone charger.

If you can pick up a cheap spare, do it and stash in your bookbag. I've lost my phone charger probably at least twice.

Tip #23 Get that essay done early folks!

I cannot tell you how many times I've fell into the procrastination trap of waiting til the night before. Please don't be like me. If you hate writing papers as much as me just work on it a little at a time. I know it sucks but it will take forever if you push it off. And when you finish a couple days before the actual due date, then go buy yourself an awesome cup of coffee. You deserve it.

Plus, get one while you work on the paper too. (very important)

Tip #3 Dress in layers whenever you go anywhere.

There's been many a time where I would go to a friends house and it would be pretty cold so just be prepared. I would think to myself should brought my sweater.

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